Healing Hands

“Carrie Keskinen is more than a massage therapist. The cause of pain may be different from where the pain actually manifests itself. Carrie has a gift for ‘listening’ to a client’s body so she can provide a holistic approach to issues.”


Carrie’s skill and spiritual energy make for a very personal, completely enjoyable, extraordinarily satisfying massage.  I keep coming back for more.  Heavenly!

Injury Rehabilitation

I started seeing Carrie in August 2011 at the recommendation of my physical therapist due to a severe shoulder/neck sprain sustained earlier that summer. I subsequently developed tendonitis in one foot due to over-exertion on a hiking trip while on vacation. Working with Carrie has been vital to my recovery from both injuries. Carrie worked collaboratively with my physical therapist regarding my rehabilitation and treatment options. She specializes in medical massage so she had a keen understanding of my injuries as well as what techniques could be beneficial in facilitating my overall healing. Most importantly, as a social worker who values the importance of relationships, I value Carrie’s professionalism and ability to join with her clients. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a massage therapist to assist with injury rehabilitation or to overall self-care. I referred two colleagues to her practice for the above reasons and continue to see her regularly myself as part of a maintenance plan focusing on general well-being.